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Lifeless Planet Premier Edition xbox one review

Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition

Xbox one (13/05/2015)

King Yatesy


Lifeless Planet is puzzle, platformer, space, jetpack, scary monster game which was developed by an indie studio called ‘Stage 2 Studios’ and I think they did a cracking job bringing the game together and making a puzzle game which has quite an interesting story to follow.

The game is set on another planet that scientists have travelled to in the hope of finding another lifeform. However you start off by crashing onto the planet and you can’t find any other crew members or any forms of life, only derelict soviet union outposts which your fine fellow of a crew member needs to find out what happened.

The game features a fair few levels for you to jump around like a mad man on and fall to your death countless times as you over jumped a rock.
There are different objectives you are given in different areas such as turn the power back on by using alien power sources and getting oxygen quickly otherwise you die, or find your way through a pitch black forest with a torch that would barely light up a label on a tin of beans.
In each area there are a range of collectables to pick up such as rocks, documents and audio files. Each of which have their own corresponding achievements tied to them. The documents that you find explain what has happened on the planet and they are actually quite interesting and are what pave the story in this puzzle platformer. I found myself actually reading the collectibles which is something I would never normally do on a game.
The game does have a few issues like the jumping which isn’t the best and sometimes when you are climbing up a hill it will push you backwards when you jump sending you to your death which infuriates me and I did rage quite once or twice from this happening as I felt I was cheated for that life.
The game itself at times was quite difficult and at times I found myself walking around for half an hour trying to find a switch. (sounds stupid I know) It’s a very linear game but at times there can be different routes to take.
It is a very nice game to play it was a good change from other puzzlers where you were locked in a room to solve an obvious puzzle in front of you. On this game you have to find routes to things that you wouldn’t expect to be there. Such as hidden paths round the sides of rocks and using inanimate objects to reach higher areas.
The graphics aren’t the best. Sometime they can look really nice like in the picture above but on some cut scenes when it zooms in on faces its shocking it’s like they are competing with PS2 graphics. Other than that there’s not really much to see other than red rocks and sand.
The music in this game is really nice its fits the atmosphere perfectly (no pun intended). Its keeps you under suspense and makes the planet feel very mysterious and eerie and there are different tracks for different situations which all keep you on edge.
The gameplay is generally very smooth and performance is never an issue. There was however a few times when jumping would send you flying backwards instead of up which can ruin the game a bit. However flying through an alien canyon and floating from rock to rock at quick speeds is extremely fun and put a cheeky grin on my face every time I got the super jetpack.
Lifeless planet is a nice little game and my first play through took me about 4-5 hours as I had no idea where to go in places. I did however manage to do a speed run which took 2 hours and 1 minute so there isn’t much replay value. However an interesting indie game which I think people should give a chance and spend their delicious bucks on.
I spent approximately 10 hours on the game getting 15/15 achievements available and finishing the game twice.
A copy of the game was provided by the developer.
Developer website link:

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