Thursday, 27 November 2014

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Review

"You can go round a corner and then BAM, RIGHT IN THE CHIN, you're dead."

Geometry wars 3 is the new addition to the family brought to us by Lucid Games. This is a different developer than the one that made the others in the series but they definitely know what they are doing and have made a great game!

This game is a hell of a step up from the previous but still has the original geometry wars at heart and players of the series will be able to jump in and feel like a pro straight away, at least for the first few levels anyway. The game itself being such a simple idea is also very easy for newbies to get a grasp of and have you screaming at the top of you lungs and veins popping out of your head when a glowing square destroys you after surviving for 7 minutes.

The game features plenty of action and billions of shapes killed and a hijillion bullets shot within its new game mode adventure. In this mode there are 50 levels to be completed each offering you 3 stars depending on which score you get. within these levels are 6 bosses which you have to defeat to finish that section on the board.

There are different game types within the levels and these range from scoring as many points in 1 life to not having the ability to shoot your gun unless you are in a dome to not being able to shoot your gun at all.

The game sort of forces you to go back and play the previous levels over and over to try and get enough stars to unlock the next boss and get enough points to upgrade your drones and special abilities in order to survive longer and score more points.

There are several different drones that can shoot enemies, collect multipliers or even ram into them when they get too close to you. All of these can be upgraded to make the levels slightly easier. The abilities are for your drone and they can give it super powers like spawning black holes or firing a mass of missiles at enemies.

Also new on the game are the shape of the maps, as you can see in the pictures they are now 3D which changes the game completely because you can go round a corner and then BAM RIGHT IN THE CHIN, you're dead. On some maps there are walls that move and kill you as well as the shapes making it all a lot harder.

There are a few game modes on board as well as adventure which include 4 player split screen co-op to battle though as a team. There is some different playlists online which put 4 plays against 4 trying to beat a boss the quickest in order to win. The game includes classic mode which allows you to play the different game types without the help of your trusty friend David the drone.

This game is tough. To get 3 stars on every level it is going to take alot of hard work and busted veins in your head. You are either going to love it or hate it but I freaking love it because its an amazing step up from the last game and still has the same addictive game play as the very first one.

Yes obviously the game is made up of brightly coloured lines and shapes but it just looks so nice as you are shooting millions of bullets they mould around the new 3D environment and explode enemies on the other side shattering them into beautiful HD shards of even more shapes!

The music on this game is simply incredible and will make you want to carve musical notes into your walls to dedicate them to the audio in this great game. The music is very Techno/electric but it suits the game perfectly. If you are a fan of Tron then you are going to love this music. Easily the music award of the year for this game.

The game plays incredibly well its so smooth and never lags at all even when there are hundreds of enemies charging at you, which you would expect anyway with next gen. There are plenty of levels to keep you going back for more and is an easy concept to grasp even for new players of the genre.


Geometry Wars 3 is an excellent game and the developers have done the series has plenty to offer for the price tag and will keep drawing you back in even after you have died 17 times on a level and you have sworn you will never return. Believe the hype and give the beautiful piece of art a firm bashing.

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